Overcome Rumination: Transform Your Mindset

Are you trapped in a cycle of overthinking?

You're not alone.

Rumination and overthinking have been a problem for as long as humans have been humans.

Our brains are quite literally built to do it!

It is a process that is meant to help keep us safe and help us to take positive actions, but in reality, rumination only steals our sense of calm while we are left unable to focus, be present for our loved ones, and of course... we all know about those sleepless nights!

The good news is that there are effective tools that we can learn to implement when these times of rumination and overthinking arise. Resolve Rumination is an online course designed to teach you the three most powerful tools for overcoming rumination FAST.

You've already suffered enough. This course is designed to give you the exact tools for overcoming rumination and overthinking without the fluff of a long online course or the time that it takes to read a book.

Learn from Jesse Coomer, a pioneer in the world of Breathwork and Mindfulness who developed this protocol while learning to deal with his own habits of rumination and overthinking over a decade ago. Learn the protocol that worked for him and that has worked for his clients.

This course will teach you about the underlying biological mechanisms that are leading to your overthinking, and armed with this knowledge, you will learn science-backed techniques that you can use TODAY to reclaim your calm and get your life back on track.


Learn a Simple 3-Part Method from One of the World's Best Teachers

Expert Guidance:

Jesse Coomer is a renowned breathwork coach, author, and teacher of teachers. He is founder of the Breathwork//Tactics program for first responders, and he certifies coaches each year in The Language of Breath Breathworker School.

With over a decade of experience in breathwork and a deep understanding of the mind-body connection, Jesse has dedicated his career to helping individuals transform their lives through the power of breath and self-awareness.

Jesse brings his extensive knowledge and hands-on experience to help you understand and conquer the habit of overthinking. His method is grounded in evidence-based practices and enriched by his compassionate and motivational teaching style.

How to Identify Rumination Early:

Understand the signs and triggers of rumination to catch it before it takes hold.

Reduce Uncertainty with Actionable Steps:

Most people are totally unaware that releif is at their fingertips. Within minutes, you will be able to take simple actions that will start working on parts of your brain in a powerful way.

Breathing Techniques to Break the Cycle:

Master powerful breathwork techniques that help interrupt rumination and promote mental clarity.

Using Mind and Body:

You will learn a way to combine physical movement with reflective self-talk that has been scientifically proven to improve overall feelings of wellbeing.

Take the First Step Towards a Clearer Mind

Don’t let rumination hold you back any longer.

Enroll in the course today and start your journey towards mental clarity and peace.

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